TCM Technologie

TCM Technology

It is the newest technique on the market. It is a magic treatment for all kinds of ailments.

It is a revolutionary TCM technology device which is used to treat acute pain by assisting the body to commence the healing process for all different symptoms that you maybe experiencing. It works by showing where the blockages are in the meridien system. Using these exact meridian points, the device activates the body to start the healing process

The treatment is highly effective and gentle. No pain involved! Immediately after the first treatment, you will already be feeling much better and will notice a major difference. The healing process goes on for 3-4 days, then you are mostly painfree.

With the TCM treatment, we also stimulate your detoxification, your lymph or your immune systemTCM can be used successfully for multiple ailments.

Allow us to advise you the best treatments for your condition. It is possible that you will need more treatments, depending on your condition. If several treatments are needed, we also offer attractive package prices.

In THERAPY TREATMENT, we also combine TCM with massage, Fango, SoYok (Korean reflexology) or and Footreflexology. Depend to your ailments.  

 Just everything to make you feel good again soon.


Motion Apparatus

Bruxism, frozen jaw, pain in the neck or back area, problems in the shoulders, arms, lumbar region, legs, fractures, rheumatic ailments or RSD.

Nerve system and the sense organs

Headache – Migraines, multiple sclerosis, degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, paraplegia, myopathy, restless legs, Lyme Disease, ear and eye areas including tinnitus, sudden, hearing loss, nasal and smelling problems, mouth-throat-tongue and taste problems.

Heart and circulation system

Hypertension, circulation issues, hypotension, heart and coronary problems ie. heart rhythm disturbances and edema.

Respiratory organs

Coryza, sore throat, tonsilitis, laryngitis, mild or chronic bronchitis, pleurisy, bronchial asthma.


Problems in the esophagus, gastroduodenal problems, IBS, IBD, constipation, diarrhea, hernia, problematic symptoms after an operation, damage caused by medication, liver, gallbladder and pancreas diseases.

Nephrology and Urology

Insufficient or infections of the kidneys and urinary tract, cholic, prostate problems, unable to empty your bladder sufficiently.



Skin diseases

Scars, dermatitis, psoriasis, herpes.

Immune System

Assists in strengthening the immune system, chronically fatigued


Diabetes, Gout, Thyroid issues.

60 minutes

58 €