Therapeutic treatment

Therapeutic Treatment

Therapy includes TCM technology device to remove blockages. Instantly you will feel better, and the self-healing is activated and works up to 3 days. This is the best treatment ever! ( Look to the description of TCM for more details).

A deep tissue massage working specifically in certain areas, where you have pain or tensions.

If necessary we combine the treatment with hot Mudpack therapy (used for Back pain, tensions, joint ache, rheumatism, sciatica etc) or Moxibustion (Hot pressed herbs are used to help alleviate tensions by placing them on acupressure points around the body which allows tensions to fade instantly.) Su Jok is Korean reflexology technique working on the hands. This technique uses the pressure points to activate areas around the body where there is an issue and we also combine that, depend on the issue.

We can do although Foot-Reflexology, depending on your ailments. We advise you what is best for you when you come to us. Book a therapy treatment. We use all our knowledge, to make you feel better. 

70 minutes

Single 63,00 €
Couple 124,00 €