The Moor Package

The Moor Package

Heat Treatment With Ionizing Foot Bath


The Moor contains inorganic substances that originate from the primordial animals of the primordial sea, so it also contains silica and silicon components that strengthen your tissues and eliminate toxins. The humic acids also eliminate pesticides, and the organic components support the liver and kidneys in detoxification.


An all-around health package
What are Moor wraps for?



The Moor wraps have a relaxing effect on your muscle tensions because it penetrates deep into your tissue layers, where it stimulates your blood circulation, your metabolism, and your cell activity. Your immune system is also strengthened. In addition, hot Moor wraps have a relaxing effect, which has a direct positive impact on the psyche. Moor alleviates complaints in the area of the musculoskeletal system, relieves intervertebral disc pain, and is also highly recommended for chronic illnesses such as rheumatism, arthrosis, and against general muscle tensions.


First, an ionized footbath is taken for detoxification.  Afterward, depending on the complaint, TCM may also be integrated to stimulate self-healing. This is to be decided individually to the complaint. 

Then, the heated Moor mass is applied to the whole body while you lie on a warm surface and at the end, you are completely wrapped in it and rest in it while warmth envelops you. This way the active ingredients get deep into the tissues and do a positive health effect there. And while the mask unfolds its active ingredients, enjoy an extensive foot reflex zone massage.

The result is a more relaxed well-warmed body in which the blood circulation is working again.
In case of muscle tension or other complaints, a sports massage, or, depending on the complaints, therapeutic mixed treatment is highly recommended and can be booked as well.  We will be happy to advise you.

The health pack can also be booked as a couple’s treatment.
Duration: 90 - 100 minutes
95 €

Couple's price:
178 € (89 € per person)

We are happy to advise you.