This solution can be implemented without need to buy any addional plugins/extensions for the website.

It funcionate like this:
1. You choose existing testimonials from tripadvisor or google reviews which you want to be shown on your website

2. We copy/paste chosen one to your website manually (for example - the most interesting comment for TCM, the most interesting for therapeutic massage etc. (whatever you feel that best describes experience of the service):

  • Good solution would be to pick only one-two key sentences from the long review on tripadvisor and copy-paste it to website as the testimonal below. Below that we can add name of the client (+place and name and photo from tripadvisor) - to add more authority. Also we can add the link below which will lead to long review on tripadvisor or google reviews - like I made it on example below.
  • Second testimonial named "AMAZING EXPERIENCE" is full review from tripadvisor - on desktop this lenght can "pass" but on mobile it looks to long in my opinion.
3. Chosen short version of the review with direct link to full review to tripadvisor/google would be visible on website - like testimony.