SlimFitWraps Beauty

Slimfitwraps Beauty Full Body Treatment

Get a Bikini Body!

This helps with Long-term inch loss with cellulite reduction and is an amazing full body beauty treatment like you’ve never had before. We use all our knowledge and skills here.

The secret recipe is the whole procedure consisting of lymph activation with the TCM device, exfoliation with subsequent mineral steam bath, the particularly effective algae mud wraps, as well as the special type of massage for cellulitis removal. Through this procedure, the tissue is clearly visible consolidated, cellulite is reduced or disappears completely.

While the Algae Mudwraps are allowed to work, enjoy an extensive foot reflexology massage. And after the full-body massage, you will receive a face and décolletage acupressure antiwrinkle massage with hand-warm argan oil that leaves nothing to be desired! This includes although face irradiation to activate your collagen. You will be pampered all around.

Algae Mudwraps

Activate your metabolism and allows drainage of your toxins. It is made up of  100% natural ingredients which tighten the skin, you lose inches in stubborn areas. The Algae mud wraps consist of spirulina and a concentrated mineral solution, like magnesium sulfate, calcium, potassium with a complex of essential oils including caffeine. Thru the thermo-electric effect of the wraps, the active substances enter deep into the skin layers and activate oxygen in the cells and assists with water retention. The appearance of cellulite is greatly improved. Your circulation and metabolism are activated, toxins are removed and inch-loss occurs. 

You ‘ll be surprised by the results! Your skin will be softened, tighter, and the body circumference will be reduced making you look slimmer and younger!

The best anti-cellulite reducing and beauty treatment ever.

Indulge yourself in luxury this holiday.          

2.5 - 3 hours

178 €