Reiki Therapy Complete Program

Reiki Energy Therapy

The complete program
Reiki Therapy Hands

Chakra harmonization by aura-extinction and subsequent transfer of universal healing energy (called Reiki or Prana or Chi) incl. Chakra Aromatherapy. A full-body massage with flowing movements.

This treatment focuses on the subtle level, which is ultimately responsible for well-being at the body level. Through negative thinking and fears, we unconsciously connect ourselves with pathogenic energies that rob us of vital energy, which can then develop into discomfort, depression, and disease.

This therapy brings you back into the inner balance through the transfer of healing energy. This will make you feel relaxed and balanced again. Healing takes place at all levels.

Using the pure highly concentrated ethereal essences also have a harmonizing effect on the chakras.

The massage then brings you in a deep state of relaxation and removes tensions. Full energizing and relaxing treatment.

Note: Being able to connect to the high vibrational healing energies of the Universe to become their channel means the therapist has to align with it all his life. In other words, through years of daily meditation, a state of a pure mind must have been attained and a high degree of visualization and love to your fellow man, but also – and above all – through the corresponding harmonious and pure lifestyle. Only then will this sacred energy flow pure through the therapist. Contrary to the understanding of the Western world, not everyone, who has attended a course, can become a channel. Sometimes it takes a whole life to become an expression of this healing ray and requires daily self-renewal. Likewise, the attitude of the patient is important, because the belief in the creator of everything living makes you open and your body can accept the holy energy.

Therefore, this treatment is something very special and not mass-produced. Reiki is a name from Japanese and means universal healing energy. In India, this power is called Prana and in China Chi. Christians call this power the Holy Spirit. It is all the same resonating, sacred, light frequency that miracles can do when the person’s karma permits.

70 minutes

74,00 €

Pickup and drop off service available in Corralejo