Chocolate Full Body Wraps

Chocolate Full Body Wraps

incl. Detox Peeling
Imagine that your whole body is bathed in delicious chocolate… isn’t that a nice idea?
And how amazing is the smell of heated chocolate!
That’s how you will feel!

Did you know…
that chocolate is an ancient remedy of the beekeepers?

Black chocolate has a mood-lifting and anti-depressant effect and provides your skin with enzymes that stimulate your skin metabolism.


The First is Detox mineral full-body peeling. After the shower, a deliciously scented mixture of melted, warm cocoa mass with coconut oil, what is poured over your entire body and then spread over your entire body with light massage movements. You get wrapped in it and then you relax in pleasant all-round warmth, so that the ingredients of the warm, wonderfully scented chocolate mass can unfold in your skin. And while the mask unfolds its active ingredients, enjoy an extensive foot reflex zone massage.

chocolate body masssage
A feast for your senses!
The result is velvety soft, beautiful skin. Highly recommended for dry skin!
Treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday experience, also available as a couple’s treatment.
To make it perfect we recommend booking afterward ayurvedic full body relax massage!
Duration: 90 - 100 minutes

Single: 99 €
Couple: 190 € (85 € per person)