Aroma Therapy

Full Body Massage
(in case of lack of energy, illnesses and pain)

Various essential essences that are specifically tailored to your ailments are slowly incorporated into your body. Soul, mind, and body are harmonized, which has a long-lasting positive influence on your nervous system and your blood flow. Soft massage, fango pack and foot reflexology including.

What is aromatherapy?

Have you ever walked through a fragrant lavender field or a pine forest? Have you ever been enveloped in the midst of natural fragrances? Did you hear the birds chirping, while you perceived the smell of the passing stream?

Then you know the deeply regenerating effect referred on your whole body system and well being. You were free of sorrows and felt refreshed to the deepest parts of your soul!

We use only the words best 100% natural essential oils in the highest quality, reaped only from selected areas, where the plants have the highest concentration and with organic quality, what guaranteed its works properly. This is the key to every aromatherapy.

Because Mother Nature always has been being the best medicine for all kinds of stress-related illnesses-and all illnesses are stress-related in their cause! Simply turn it back and introduce the power of nature back into your body system!

Aromatherapy works on all your ethereal centers and the highly potentized herbal essences act on your physical body. This combination of both levels harmonizes your energy field so strong that the body can heal for itself.

The ancient Egyptians already knew that. And step by step the ancient knowledge comes back in our conscious- and some private hospitals start to use it successfully.

Therapy procedure:

The high-quality essences are incorporated into your main nerve tracts and slowly absorbed by your skin, where they unfold their full healing effect. We reinforce this effect with fango packs while you are enjoying an extended foot reflexology massage.

You will be accompanied by enchanting drafts and sounds. Let yourself be carried away to another world and forget about your everyday life. A wonderful experience to refuel.

Therapy includes 20 minutes tepidarium cabin to detoxify and activate blood circulation.

100 minutes

Single:  89 €
Couple's: 178 € (89 € per person)