Aloe Vera Full Body Pack

Aloe Vera Full Body Pack

incl. Detox Peeling
(skin regenerating & rejuvenating effect)
Fuerteventura is home to the healing miracle plant Aloe Vera!
Nature gives us the Aloe Vera here so that we can better withstand the strong sun and get a longer-lasting tan. Aloe vera is full of valuable vitamins and amino acids that deeply strengthen and regenerate your skin.


Right at the beginning of your holiday, you strengthen your skin and get faster a tan!
Even with redness in the skin, there is nothing better than a full-body aloe vera pack to quickly regenerate your skin – and often rosa skin turns into “brown” afterward! And at the end of your holidays, it helps to maintain your tan longer!


If you want to get the best tan you ever had, we recommend trying the 100% natural sun creams based on aloe vera. We are happy to advise you. You can purchase them from us.

aloe vera natural sun cream
The result is beautiful, healthy-looking skin that enhances your tan!
Aloe Vera Full Body Pack Treatment Procedure:
The first step is detox mineral full body peeling. Afterwards the warm, fresh aloe vera mass is gently massaged into your entire body, wrapping you up, so that your skin can soak up the aloe vera slowly. Light tensions are also relieved by the all-round warmth. And while the mask unfolds its active ingredients, enjoy an extensive foot reflex zone massage. With this treatment, you will relax deeply your body, your mind and your soul!
The result is strenghtened deeply nourished skin, wrinkles are prevented and your tan lasts longer!
Treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday experience, also available as a couple treatment!

We recommend combining it by booking afterward full-body ayurvedic relax massage.
Duration: 90 - 100 minutes

One person treatment: 99 €

Couple's treatment: 190 € (95 € per person)